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Sea Shell Crafts from Indonesia

Sea shell crafts made in Indonesia. Hanging wall decorations, mirror frames or lamps made of small white sea shells, cowry shells and other sea shells. Handmade by sea shell craftsmen in Indonesia.

For more information regarding ordering our products including these sea shell crafts, please send us email. See photo below for our email address.

For more sea shell crafts, please follow links below. Also please visit shell crafts on our other site

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Sea Shell Products Bali

Sea Shell Products from Bali Indonesia

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Sea Shell Crafts Shells HomeWares Bali Indonesia

Sea shell homewares. All things with shells including boxes, trinkets, plates, bowls, wood crafts with shells, tissue boxes, trays and many more. If you are looking for kitchenware made of wood combined with sea shells, we have it. Wide range of tablewares made with various shells including MOP shells, chapiz or other kind of shells such as cowries. See more Bali Homewares similar to handicrafts on this page.

Our craftsmen and women are highly skilled and talented, we can provide you with placemats, coasters or even bathroom amenities and toiletries which include soap holders, Shampoo and Body Wash Dispensers with shell layers. This is very popular to use as Hospitality Supplies and hotel room accessories.

If you need to import these items to your country in bulk quantity regularly, contact us. We are able to provide you with wide range of Hotel Amenities.

To order our homewares Contact us by email or WhatsApp: +6281353357458 +628179731022

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Resin Animal Ashtrays from Bali Indonesia

Resin Animal Ashtrays Bali Indonesia

Home accessories ashtrays made of resin combined with small sea shells taken from beach around Bali or Java. Various sea creatures such as turtles, fishes or dolphins. Wide range of colors available for you to choose, not only color shown here. As always namedropping also possible. We can include your city name, country or island on the ashtrays.

We can make almost any animals, not limited to animals shown here. Wholesale price, factory direct. Please order your resin animals. Contact us using our online inquiry form or contact us by email directly to cvmayabali (Atsign@) or send us message on WhatsApp: +6281353357458

Browse here for more sea shell crafts from Bali Indonesia :

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Sea Shell Crafts Table Lamps Bali Indonesia

Sea Shell Crafts Bali Indonesia

Sea shell lamps and handicrafts made in Indonesia. Shell lamps, souvenirs and mirror frames. Including here large and medium size mirror frame in round and square shape, rectangular is possible. We have many kind of shell lamps in different models such as large round shell lamps, heart and cone shapes.Mother of pearl shell fish carvings from Bali Indonesia. This is very popular, as seen in many places. Available in many different sizes. We can make these fish carvings using other kind of shells such as abalone shells, MOP shell and even blue shell.

The shell lamps made of small shell which we arrange by hand, many hours of working to make these lamps and other decorative crafts. We have also MOP shell bowls, trays, spoon sets and many more. Please view our photo gallery.

If you need more sea shell crafts from Bali Indonesia, please follow links below. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information regarding ordering our handicrafts or home decors made of shells.

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Wood and Shells Trays Bowls

Bali Homeware wholesale. Kitchenware made of various natural materials including wood, sea shells, trays and bowls. These products are handmade, organic and eco friendly. Are you importers for homeware or kitchenware looking for wooden trays, wooden bowls and plates ? We have all of them. Below are photos of wooden trays with shells. These are only few, there are even more trays, bowls and plates made of wood and other materials located on our main web site

Wooden trays and bowls from Bali Indonesia. We keep adding new items related to kitchenware to our online catalog. Please let us know if you don’t find what you need here or on our web site. We will make it available for you.

If you interested in importing our Bali homeware including the trays, bowls and plates here Please contact us using form below. Remember also to visit our main web site for a lot more of Indonesian handicrafts and home decors products. We have everything handmade in Indonesia, whether from Bali, Java or Lombok Island.


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Sea Shell Trays Plates Bowls MOP Shell Crafts Bali Indonesia

MOP Shell Trays Bali

Shell homeware from Indonesia. Various kitchen utensils or hotel room amenities made of sea shells especially the mother of pearl shell. Various type including trays, plates or bowls made with shell inlay. Handmade by traditional craftsmen in Bali. This is made using very simple tool. Handpolished to provide smooth surface.

We have various products which made using Bali sea shells, included in this page is pictures of fruit bowls, large trays, coasters and placemats and of course the best seller: ice cream spoons. Together with mother of pearl shells, we combined hardwood such as sono wood. To make beautiful spoon and fork. Other than spoons, fork and trays, we even make tissue box inlay with MOP shells.

Please contact us if you are interested in ordering these shell crafts made in Indonesia. You’re welcome to send us email using our inquiry form. It’s also possible to contact us using WhatsApp +628179731022. Please remember that we’re wholesale company. We do only in bulk quantity.

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Sea Shell Crafts from Bali Indonesia

fish shell carvings

Seashell handicrafts made in Indonesia. Various handmade crafts from sea shells. Wooden animals made using mother of pearl shells or other sea shells. Also included here resin and shells crafts. Cheap gifts from Indonesia. These shell crafts are only small collection of our shell crafts, we have even more available on our web site for more sea shell crafts from Bali Indonesia.

We will be happy to supply you with sea shell crafts like seen below. Other than sea shell crafts, we have also homeware made of sea shells combined with wood or resin. Very popular and available in wide range of products. Please contact us if you interested in importing these sea shell products to your country. We’re producer and exporter. You could get good price for export quality products. Samples available for you to evaluate our products. Contact us using our inquiry form.

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Sea Shell Trinket Boxes from Bali Indonesia

Sea Shell Trinket Boxes from Bali Indonesia

Seashell boxes to use as jewellery boxes or as trinket boxes. Available in various sizes and wide range of shells. These are real shells not plastic or resin. Real shell hand polished in Indonesia. We have these hinged boxes with MOP shell in black lip or gold lip. Sea shell container and accessories for you, wholesale only. Please remember when ordering these shell boxes that we have a minimum of US$ 1,000 per shipment of mix items. If you need clam shell trinket boxes, please contact us. We will make it for you.

Sea Shell Trinket Boxes from Bali Indonesia
Sea Shell Trinket Boxes from Bali Indonesia
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Mother of pearl shell inlay crafts from Bali Indonesia

Various Dining Crockery products made of sea shells. Find here placemats, plates, coasters, trays, napkin holders, spoons and other kitchen utensils. We also have cup and saucer, salt and pepper shakers, bowls etc. All inlay with seashells. Wide range of shells such as mother of pearl shells (MOP) in golden or black colour.  For sell in pieces or in sets.

Handmade in Bali Indonesia by our skill craftsmen who been making this kind of products for many years. These products available in various sizes. We’re wholesale only, we have a minimum of US$ 1,000/shipment of mix products, not only these kitchen utensils, but also possible to combine order of these products with other products on our web sites including other home decoration. Please contact us for further information on ordering our kitchen utensils.