Recycled Plastic Bags from Indonesia Recycled Plastic Tote Bags Shopping Bags

Recycled Plastic Bags from Indonesia. We are producer company with years of experience in working with traditional artisans accross Java and Bali. We work with many village women, housewives, schoolgirls and craftsmen to produce these handwoven plastic bags. We collect plastic waste (mostly plastic bottles) and shredded into flakes using simple machine. After plastic bottle is shredded we then use it to make recycled plastic strapping. All plastic bags on this page are made using plastic strapping from recycled plastic bottles. Handwoven plastic fibre bags. Recycled Plastic Tote Bags made in Indonesia by skill craftsmen in Java Indonesia. Handmade shopping bags made of recycled plastic fibre.

For more information regarding our recycled plastic bags, please send email. See photo below for our email address.


  • Polyethylene terephthalate PET
  • Plastic bags
  • Shopping bags
  • Tote bags
  • Woman bags
  • Recycled bags