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Teak Wood and Resin Balls Bali Indonesia

Teak sphere fill with resin. The size of the teak wood sphere or ball is vary between 100cm to as small as 25cm. The color of resin also possible in various choices. Blue, red, green etc. Remember that each piece is unique. So we can’t gurantee that what you receive will be exactly the same as photos of teak balls shown here. As always, size is approximate, please expect little variation.

Teak Wood Resin Balls Bali Indonesia

If you need natural teak balls, as shown by photo below. We can provide it to you.

Teak Wood Balls
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Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia made of teak root wood. We have here various kind of furniture which made of a very strong teak wood. Suitable for outdoor garden and patio. Beautiful wooden texture. You can see here big chairs made of the root wood with the tree trunk. Some large coffee tables with glass. This is big table. We can ship to you with or without the glass.

Teak Root Wood Table
Sliced Teak Wood Big Chairs
Teak Wood Table with Glasstop
Teak Wood Table with Glasstop

Other than teak root coffee table, we include here one of our best seller, the teak root console table which made of sliced teak root. The inner side of the teak wood is treated with special finishing, we have some different kind of finishing included black burn, silver, gold and gray. Very popular and look high quality. Available in various sizes.

We have here the classic teak root bench and big chairs which is always a good seller year round. Very popular as outdoor garden bench, as seen in many hotels or resorts, parks, restaurants or cafe. We sell many to furniture dealers and wholesalers around the world. Everybody need this teak bench and chairs. Good quality and strong. Suitable for garden or patio.

Teak Wood Bench Bali Indonesia
Teak Wood Bench Bali Indonesia
Teak Wood Chair Bali Indonesia
Teak Wood Bench Bali Indonesia
Teak Wood Chair Bali Indonesia

The special piece here is our teak root table with carved tabletop. Very beautiful, surely this table will make your living room special. Large teak wood table with intricate carvings of turtles, fishes or anything you want us to carve. Custom order is welcome. See Teak Root Furniture

Teak Wood Table with Carvings Bali Indonesia
Teak Root Table Glass Top with Carvings Bali Indonesia

Please don’t forget to view our photo gallery of teak wood furniture and crafts factory. Browse photos of teak wood craftsmen at work producing teak wood home accessories for export.

Teak Wood Factory Indonesia
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Sea Shell Crafts Table Lamps Bali Indonesia

Sea shell lamps and handicrafts made in Indonesia. Shell lamps, souvenirs and mirror frames. Including here large and medium size mirror frame in round and square shape, rectangular is possible. We have many kind of shell lamps in different models such as large round shell lamps, heart and cone shapes.Mother of pearl shell fish carvings from Bali Indonesia. This is very popular, as seen in many places. Available in many different sizes. We can make these fish carvings using other kind of shells such as abalone shells, MOP shell and even blue shell.

The shell lamps made of small shell which we arrange by hand, many hours of working to make these lamps and other decorative crafts. We have also MOP shell bowls, trays, spoon sets and many more. Please view our photo gallery.

If you need more sea shell crafts from Bali Indonesia, please follow links below. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information regarding ordering our handicrafts or home decors made of shells.