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Wood Carvings from Bali Indonesia

Wood carvings made in Indonesia. Various wooden crafts made of solid wood. Handmade in Bali Indonesia by Balinese craftsmen. Bali is a small Indonesian island known for its stunning natural beauty, rich culture, and stunning handicrafts. One of the most popular and iconic handicrafts from Bali is wood carving, which has a long and revered tradition on the island. In this blog post, we will dive deep into the world of wood carvings from Bali, Indonesia, exploring the various types of wooden crafts that are made, the process of how they are made, and the talented craftsmen and craftswomen who bring these beautiful creations to life. Wood Carvings from Bali, Indonesia. Bali is home to a wide variety of wood carvings, ranging from traditional and cultural motifs to more abstract and modern designs. Some of the most popular types of wood carvings from Bali include:

Animals: Wood carvings of animals are perhaps the most iconic and well-known type of wood carving from Bali. These can include realistic depictions of animals such as dolphins, horses, and turtles, as well as more stylized and abstract representations.

Abstract: In addition to animal carvings, Bali is also home to many abstract wood carvings that are inspired by the island’s natural beauty and cultural traditions. These can include intricate patterns, geometric shapes, and other designs that are meant to be appreciated for their beauty and craftsmanship rather than their representational value.

Hands: Another popular type of wood carving from Bali is the hand carving, which is often used as a decorative piece or as a gift. These carvings are typically made to look like a single hand or a pair of hands in various poses, and they can be made in a range of sizes and styles.

Religious: Wood carvings with religious motifs are also common in Bali, particularly those featuring Hindu and Buddhist deities and symbols. These carvings can be used for religious purposes, such as offerings or decorations in temples, or they can be purchased as souvenirs or decorative items.

The Process of Making Wood Carvings in Bali

The process of making wood carvings in Bali is a true art form that requires a high level of skill, patience, and attention to detail. It begins with the selection of high-quality wood, typically sourced from sustainable plantations in Indonesia. The wood is then cut and shaped into the desired form using a variety of hand tools and machines.

Next, the craftsmen carefully carve out the intricate details and designs on the surface of the wood using chisels and other precision tools. This process can take hours or even days to complete, depending on the complexity of the design.

Once the carving is finished, the wood is sanded smooth and finished with a coat of clear varnish to protect and enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Finally, the crafts are inspected for quality and packaged for export to countries all over the world.

Section 3: The Craftsmen and Craftswomen of Bali’s Wood Carving Industry

The wood carving industry in Bali is made up of a talented and diverse group of craftsmen and craftswomen who come from all walks of life. Many of these artisans have learned their skills through years of practice and apprenticeship, while others have received formal training in art schools or workshops.

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Cheap Handmade Crafts from Bali Indonesia

Cheap handicrafts from Bali Indonesia. Various handmade items with low price. Balinese crafts made of various materials including wood, sea shells, wicker or many more. All handmade using simple tools by traditional craftsmen of Bali and Java Indonesia. Export quality cheap price. Direct from the craftsmen and women in Bali and Java Island in Indonesia.

Other than keychains, we also have other cheap handmade souvenirs from Indonesia including small wooden ducks. This is wooden ducks made of bamboo root wood. Handmade and handpainted. Available in many models. Also possible to buy in plain without painting.

Balinese wood carvings. Handicrafts from Bali Indonesia. Chicken and roosters wood carvings.

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Sea Shell Crafts Shells HomeWares Bali Indonesia

Sea shell homewares. All things with shells including boxes, trinkets, plates, bowls, wood crafts with shells, tissue boxes, trays and many more. If you are looking for kitchenware made of wood combined with sea shells, we have it. Wide range of tablewares made with various shells including MOP shells, chapiz or other kind of shells such as cowries. See more Bali Homewares similar to handicrafts on this page.

Our craftsmen and women are highly skilled and talented, we can provide you with placemats, coasters or even bathroom amenities and toiletries which include soap holders, Shampoo and Body Wash Dispensers with shell layers. This is very popular to use as Hospitality Supplies and hotel room accessories.

If you need to import these items to your country in bulk quantity regularly, contact us. We are able to provide you with wide range of Hotel Amenities.

To order our homewares Contact us by email or WhatsApp: +6281353357458 +628179731022

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Resin Animal Ashtrays from Bali Indonesia

Resin Animal Ashtrays Bali Indonesia

Home accessories ashtrays made of resin combined with small sea shells taken from beach around Bali or Java. Various sea creatures such as turtles, fishes or dolphins. Wide range of colors available for you to choose, not only color shown here. As always namedropping also possible. We can include your city name, country or island on the ashtrays.

We can make almost any animals, not limited to animals shown here. Wholesale price, factory direct. Please order your resin animals. Contact us using our online inquiry form or contact us by email directly to cvmayabali (Atsign@) or send us message on WhatsApp: +6281353357458

Browse here for more sea shell crafts from Bali Indonesia :

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Coconut Shell Turtle Bowls from Bali Indonesia

Coco Shell Turtle Bowl

Wooden turtle bowls made of coconut shells and wood with few rattan. Very cute and popular. Name dropping is possible. Handmade in Indonesia by traditional craftsmen who been working with coconut wood and shell for years. This coco shell turtle bowls available in various sizes. Comes in plain or with airbrush painting.


Coconut shell crafts. Other than bowls, we have many other coco shell handicrafts available on our web site
We have soap holders, coasters, napkin rings, placemats and other room aminities made of coconut wood or shell. Please remember that our products are made to order. To order as early as possible is recommended. Minimum 15 pieces per model apply and minimum of US$ 1000/shipment. Not only products on this page but you’re welcome to mix it with other products on our web sites.

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Sea Shell Crafts from Bali Indonesia

fish shell carvings

Seashell handicrafts made in Indonesia. Various handmade crafts from sea shells. Wooden animals made using mother of pearl shells or other sea shells. Also included here resin and shells crafts. Cheap gifts from Indonesia. These shell crafts are only small collection of our shell crafts, we have even more available on our web site for more sea shell crafts from Bali Indonesia.

We will be happy to supply you with sea shell crafts like seen below. Other than sea shell crafts, we have also homeware made of sea shells combined with wood or resin. Very popular and available in wide range of products. Please contact us if you interested in importing these sea shell products to your country. We’re producer and exporter. You could get good price for export quality products. Samples available for you to evaluate our products. Contact us using our inquiry form.