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Mother of pearl shell inlay crafts from Bali Indonesia

Various Dining Crockery products made of sea shells. Find here placemats, plates, coasters, trays, napkin holders, spoons and other kitchen utensils. We also have cup and saucer, salt and pepper shakers, bowls etc. All inlay with seashells. Wide range of shells such as mother of pearl shells (MOP) in golden or black colour.  For sell in pieces or in sets.

Handmade in Bali Indonesia by our skill craftsmen who been making this kind of products for many years. These products available in various sizes. We’re wholesale only, we have a minimum of US$ 1,000/shipment of mix products, not only these kitchen utensils, but also possible to combine order of these products with other products on our web sites including other home decoration. Please contact us for further information on ordering our kitchen utensils.

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  1. From where in Bali
    I’ll be visiting Bali and want to buy

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