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Bamboo Ducks from Indonesia Wooden Duck Carvings

Wooden ducks from Indonesia. Duck carvings made of bamboo root wood combined with hard wood mostly from teak wood or mahogani. Very popular. We’ve been producing and selling these wooden ducks for many years.  We have many models for these teak wood ducks. We are producing various styles and sizes. Also able to make it according to your request. These bamboo ducks is made to order. Production takes at least a month. Sometimes months to make sure the wood is dried properly. We recommend all of our buyers to buy these handcarved ducks in bulk quantity and delivered by sea freight. It is not economical to import bamboo ducks by air freight.

If you interested in buying our wood ducks from Indonesia. Please contact us by sending email to our Gmail address. Best if you could chat with us on WhatsApp. Please go to our LinkTree Page for our contact details and even more catalog of bamboo ducks.

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Shelf Sitter Wood Carvings Bali Indonesia

Various shelf sitters made of wood from Bali Indonesia. Wooden carvings for your bookshelf or table. Wide range of animal wood carvings including frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits and many more. Find here our complete range of animal wood carvings which suitable to use as sitting animals. Handmade in Bali Indonesia by traditional craftsmen. Made to order. Fair trade. Wholesale only. Please order our carved wood animals in advance.

These wood carvings is cheap but good quality.  We can also make your own shelve sitters. Simply tell us your request. We will make it for you. Remember that we’re wholesale handicrafts company, we only do bulk quantity. We don’t sell our hand carved wood animals in retail, sorry. For more Balinese wood crafts, please visit our sister site