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Bamboo Ducks from Indonesia Wooden Duck Carvings

Wooden ducks from Indonesia. Duck carvings made of bamboo root wood combined with hard wood mostly from teak wood or mahogani. Very popular. We’ve been producing and selling these wooden ducks for many years.  We have many models for these teak wood ducks. We are producing various styles and sizes. Also able to make it according to your request. These bamboo ducks is made to order. Production takes at least a month. Sometimes months to make sure the wood is dried properly. We recommend all of our buyers to buy these handcarved ducks in bulk quantity and delivered by sea freight. It is not economical to import bamboo ducks by air freight.

If you interested in buying our wood ducks from Indonesia. Please contact us by sending email to our Gmail address. Best if you could chat with us on WhatsApp. Please go to our LinkTree Page for our contact details and even more catalog of bamboo ducks.

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Bamboo Ducks Skiing Bamboo Root Ducks Factory in Indonesia

Our latest addition for bamboo root ducks, skiing ducks. This is wooden ducks made of wood taken from bamboo tree roots. Hand carved and hand painted by skill craftsmen of Indonesia. Cute and adorable bamboo ducks. Handmade in Indonesia. Fair trade craftsmen. Please support our craftsmen by ordering these bamboo root ducks from Indonesia.

To order our bamboo ducks, please visit our shopping page and place your order for our bamboo ducks.

Please visit our other web site to view our catalog of bamboo root ducks:

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Even more bamboo ducks, please follow links below:



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Bamboo Ducks Bali Indonesia Direct from Factory

Soccer Bamboo Ducks

Bamboo ducks from Bali Indonesia. This year is good year to sell bamboo ducks, suitable as garden decors as seen in many patio or gardens accross europe or Australia. These wooden ducks made of bamboo root combined with other hard wood such as teak wood or other solid wood. Bamboo is planted everywhere in Indonesia including Bali. In fact Balinese use bamboo a lot in their traditional life. So this bamboo ducks is a green products or eco friendly. Suitable for you who looking to import any products which is “go green”.

Football bamboo ducks or also known as soccer bamboo ducks. These are wooden ducks made of bamboo root wood, handpainted with various soccer team including Arsenal, Liverpool, Chealsea etc. You are welcome to order our soccer ducks with any soccer team you want. Please remember to mention it when ordering our football ducks.

Bamboo Duck with Shoes
Bamboo Duck with Shoes

We sell our bamboo ducks mostly in fine sanding only as seen on photo above. The wooden ducks has NO STAIN only smooth sanding. No need to maintain finishing or lacquer. Good if you put bamboo ducks outside. But we’re also sell bamboo ducks WITH STAIN as photo below with little bit additional charge for adding stain. See photo below for details.


Bamboo ducks new creation for this year is bamboo ducks with shoes and hats. Please take a look at bamboo duck photo below. Don’t you like it? it’s sooo cute and sweeet ! bamboo root ducks with shoes and hat. These bamboo duck family ready to go to your house for afternoon tea !


Bamboo Duck with Hat and Shoes 45-50cm Rp 26,500 US$ 2.95*
Bamboo Duck with Hat and Shoes 25-30cm Rp 22,500 US$ 2.50*
Bamboo Duck with Hat and Shoes 20-22cm Rp 20,000 US$ 2.28*
Fine Sanding. EXWORK Price. *based on exchange rate 1 US$ = Rp 9,000. Wholesale Only. Subject to change. More info send email to us


Bamboo Duck with Shoes Small 25-30cm Rp 18,000 US$ 2.00*
Bamboo Duck with Shoes Large 45-50cm Rp 21,000 US$ 2.33*
Bamboo Duck with Shoes Jumbo 65cm Rp 38,000 US$ 4.22*
Fine Sanding. EXWORK Price.
*based on exchange rate 1 US$ = Rp 9,000. Subject to change. Wholesale Only.

Bamboo ducks crafts Bali small and cute. This is with finishing, but we’re also able to make it with only fine sanding which is cheaper for you. Some people like our bamboo ducks in fine sanding while other people like it with finishing. Please take a look at our photo below. This is so cute and sweet. We’re sure this will be your good seller, for you owner of home and garden or gift shop everwhere who sell home decorations and garden ornaments.


Small size bamboo ducks is below. This is smaller than the large bamboo ducks. It is only 25cm or 30cm high compare to the large bamboo ducks which is up to 50cm high. Our size of the bamboo ducks is approximate and variation from photos here may occur. You have to remember that these are handmade using bamboo root.


Small Bamboo Duck 25 to 30cm Rp 16,000 US$ 1.78 Fine Sanding
EXWORK Price. based on exchange rate 1 US$ = Rp 9,000
More info send email to us.

The shape and posture of the bamboo ducks also possible to make according to your order. Photo above shows you our bamboo ducks with head facing up. We have also bamboo duck facing right or left, we even have bamboo duck with walking posture.


To help you ordering our bamboo ducks, above you will see our calculation of quantity bamboo ducks inside 1 carton box and quantity for 20ft container. If you need help, simply contact us using inquiry form here for ordering our bamboo ducks from bali.