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Recycled Oil Drums Furniture Chairs Bench Bali Indonesia

oildrm1-2 Recycled Oil Drum Furniture

Metal furniture made of recycled oil drums or barrels. Various furniture including chairs, bench, tables and even drawers. All made of reuse oil drums. Handmade in Bali Indonesia by skill craftsmen. If you like rustic style home decorations or furniture, these recycled oil drum furniture is for you.

If you need to import recycled oil drums furniture  from factory, please contact us. We can provide you with competitive price

Please browse our collection of repurposed metal drums and see wide range of furniture and home decors.

See also furniture sets consists of chairs, table and bench. All made of recycle oil drums

Oil Drum Furniture Set Chairs Bench Table
Oil Drum Furniture Set Chairs Bench Table

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    Thank you

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  2. Please could I have a price list?
    Very interested in the chairs and bedroom furniture.

    1. Hi please advice how many?

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  4. Could I have a price list for the oil drum furniture please?

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  7. Hi would like price list and shipping cost to Perth Western Australia. On oil drum set furniture etc. thanks Peter

  8. Interest in container to Brisbane can you please help with price of products and shipping costs thanks

  9. Hi price list for all products and shipping cost to port of Brisbane Queensland Australia thanks heaps matt

  10. Could i please have a pricelist

  11. Hi can you send me a price on oil brum furniture

  12. Could i get a price on 4 chairs and send to Perth Australia

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