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Recycled Glass Vases with Root Wood Bali Indonesia

Recycled Glass Vases with Root Wood Bali Indonesia

21 thoughts on “Recycled Glass Vases with Root Wood Bali Indonesia

  1. What is your address so we can visit while in Bali

  2. Hi
    I would like to,purchase 200 large bowls and wood stands Asaph
    Thank you

  3. Good morning, I am interested in purchasing your products.
    I am requesting information in pricing and quantities required, along with shipping charges to Canada.
    Thank you for your time. I look forward to working with you.
    Dawn Block Aifd Cafa Cfd

  4. Hi – I sent a request a week ago for pricing on 400 of your molten glass vases and I have not heard back. Can someone get back to me on pricing and options and what production timing for 400 would be. Thank you!

  5. Dear all

    I saw your Glass Vases with Wood last weekend on a show in Germany.
    Now I`m looking forward to get into this buisiness for to sell your product in Switzerland. For this case I would like to have more information about order and deliveries.
    How many parts do I have to order?
    Possible to order:
    20 pcs of 25cm x 10cm x 15cm
    15 pcs of 30cm x 10cm x 15cm
    5 pcs of 33cm x 15cm x 18cm
    How much are the total costs?
    How much are the delivery costs to Switzerland?
    How long is the delivery time to Switzerland?

    At the moment we are a small start up company and we try to find some new products for our portfoilio.

    Looking forward to your answer and information

    Best regards

  6. Hi im after pricing. Thanks

  7. hello i am interested in buying the recycled glass vases with root wood
    5 of each size a total of 20 just asking if they are able to be packed securely enough to send to australia and if so what would the estimated freight cost

  8. Hi, im interested in a big one… please send more info

  9. What is the delivery time for 20′ container to new york?

  10. Hello:). I am wanting to find out prices for the lamps made of sea shells ( round, egg) shape and others if you have. And also the melted glass over woods fishbowls. I am from Canada and in the process of opening a shop that carries unique pieces .I was in Bali for Nov-Dec 2016 and fell in love with many pieces made in Bali and would love to offer the beautiful pieces here in my country.

    Thank you very much in advance
    Kari-Ann Kolodie

  11. I am preparing a shipment of furniture from BAli crafts and would like to add 4 of these fish tanks. Is this possible?

  12. Please call me on Whats app at 011 416 505 xxxx

    I am looking to place an order for my store in Toronto Canada and want some information.

    Thanks. Jeff

  13. Hi, how much is one large glass fish tank on wood including postage to Singapore?

  14. Do you ship to the uk.

  15. I have tried contacting MANY to find out about the Molten Glass Root Bowls.
    I am in the USA. I will be starting a “Online” Wood Crafts Website. It will be small to start with.
    I still work and will be trying to start my own business. I would like to find out all info that I can
    because I have NEVER imported anything and don’t know anything about it. I will need US pricing. What quantities I would have to order. How to I get things shipped “to my door”. And hopefully a catalog. I’ll be needing many other various things. But these molten glass root fish bowls will be the first. ALSO, can I get samples before I buy? Thank You…. Frank Tyner

  16. Hi do I buy one of these if I do not own a store.

    I am in Calgary Canada…I love this…most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

  17. Hello I would like to buy the biggest fish bowl on Bali wood – that you have . How much for it ? Do u have one that is larger than 12 litres?

  18. Hi I would like to purchase some of these glass sculptures pls.

    1. Hi please send us email with details. ..thank you

      1. Hellooo!?
        Please send me an email with your product catalogue….

  19. do you ship to Australia and what would be the cost be foe x amount of the glass fish bowls
    reguards robyn

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