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Rattan Baskets from Indonesia Rattan Basket Factory

Rattan baskets made in Indonesia. Rattan baskets direct from rattan factory in Indonesia. Various rattan baskets, wide range of sizes and shapes. Handmade in Java Indonesia by skill rattan basket craftsmen and women. Direct from factory in Indonesia, competetive pricing and export quality.

If you are interested in buying our rattan baskets, please contact us using inquiry form or send email directly to our Gmail address, please see photo for our email address.


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Coconut Shell Turtle Bowls from Bali Indonesia

Coco Shell Turtle Bowl

Wooden turtle bowls made of coconut shells and wood with few rattan. Very cute and popular. Name dropping is possible. Handmade in Indonesia by traditional craftsmen who been working with coconut wood and shell for years. This coco shell turtle bowls available in various sizes. Comes in plain or with airbrush painting.


Coconut shell crafts. Other than bowls, we have many other coco shell handicrafts available on our web site
We have soap holders, coasters, napkin rings, placemats and other room aminities made of coconut wood or shell. Please remember that our products are made to order. To order as early as possible is recommended. Minimum 15 pieces per model apply and minimum of US$ 1000/shipment. Not only products on this page but you’re welcome to mix it with other products on our web sites.