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Elephant Wood Carvings from Bali

Bali wood carvings wooden elephants. Handmade and hand carved by talented Balinese craftsmen. Made of solid wood known locally in Bali as suar wood, a kind of hardwood suitable to use as wood carvings, home decors or table slab furniture. This wooden elephant is smooth in finishing and has loose tusks. Mostly made to order similar to many other wood carvings that we have on our wide range Bali handicrafts catalog but due to its popularity we always have these cute elephant wood carvings in stock, ready for immediate shipping. We have these wooden elephant in stock for some time to let the wood dry slowly and properly, to avoid cracking and molding of the wood. This is very important for you.

Bali carvings wooden elephant. Available in various sizes as shown below. We don’t sell it in set but in pieces. For packaging, small wooden elephants we use wrapping paper or carton paper with shredded paper in carton boxes to protect the wooden elephants from scratching. Bigger elephant wooden statues may need better packaging such as wooden crate. Of course this wooden crates must be made according to ISPM 15 regulation.

Below you will find our pricing for the wooden elephant. Price subject to change and for bulk order, we may offer better price.

Carved Wood Elephant from Bali 50cm 20 inch US$ 57.50
Carved Wood Elephant from Bali 40cm 16 inch US$ 39.00
Carved Wood Elephant from Bali 30cm 12 inch US$ 18.00
Carved Wood Elephant from Bali 25cm 10 inch US$ 14.00
Carved Wood Elephant from Bali 20cm 8 inch US$ 8.25
Carved Wood Elephant from Bali 15cm 6 inch US$ 4.75
Carved Wood Elephant from Bali 10cm 4 inch US$ 2.45
Price EXW Bali. Subject to change.

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