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Wood Hand Chairs Furniture from Bali Indonesia

Wooden hand chairs from Bali Indonesia. Chairs furniture in the shape of hand or palm. Unique handicrafts from Bali. Exotic furniture made in Indonesia. Bali hand chairs furniture direct from the producer and supplier in Bali. Various shapes and sizes. Chairs and table set also available.

Bali handicrafts wholesale supplier. These wooden chairs carved by highly skill Balinese wood craftsmen which famous for its beautiful wooden statues and wood carvings. These wooden hand chairs use thick solid wood known locally as suar wood. These wood require proper drying to avoid crack and molding. Please order our wooden handicrafts and especially these wooden hand chairs weeks in advance. If you are in hurry, we have also carved wood hand chairs in stock for immediate shipment. We only need few days for adding final finishing and cleaning to our wooden crafts stock.

Wood Hand Chairs from Bali
Wood Hand Chairs from Bali Indonesia. Carved wood hand chairs and table. Balinese wood carvings.

Price for these wood hand chairs is US$ 25 EXW Bali. Size 85cm in high, 40cm in width. Other sizes also available. Other than wooden hands, we also make wooden foot chairs and table sets. These wooden hand comes in clean natural finishing or dark brown finish. If you prefer the dark brown finish, the chair will be same colors for all of the chairs but if you prefer the clean natural finish, some will have slight difference in color.

Bali wood carvings in stock. Photos below will show you wooden hand chairs in stock for immediate shipping. We keep stock of these chairs because it takes time for the big solid wood to dry properly. We also make big hole at the bottom of the chairs and table to minimize water content from the wood which good for the chairs or tables.

We have many wood carvings from Bali, other than this hand chairs made of wood. We have also other animal wood carvings from Bali which already very famous. For example horse wood carvings from Bali, dog wood carvings, lion, giraffe, fish, eagle etc. We have so many. We recommend you to browse our online catalog on our main web site