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Rattan Chairs from Indonesia Rattan Furniture

Rattan Chairs from Indonesia. Rattan furniture handmade in Indonesia. Natural rattan, real organic pure rattan. Made by skill furniture craftsmen in Java Indonesia. Handmade using export quality rattan from Borneo or Sumatra. Rattan furniture with wooden or rattan frame. Export quality, direct from rattan furniture factory located in Java. We have wide range of rattan chairs including dining chairs, stacking chairs, koboo rattan chairs and many more.

Rattan chairs suitable for dining room, restaurants, cafe, hotels or office. Indoor furniture made of rattan and wood. Rattan chairs for your dining table in dining room. Natural wicker furniture from Indonesia. Stackable and save space in the container or your dining room.

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Wicker Furniture from Indonesia Water Hyacinth Furniture Rattan Furniture from Indonesia

Wicker furniture from Indonesia. All kind of real natural wicker such as waterhyacinth, rattan, banana fibres and many more. All kind of rattan. Natural and real organic rattan from Indonesia. Rattan from Borneo and Sumatra. All furniture are made by skill furniture craftsmen with years of experience in producing wicker furniture for export market. Waterhyacinth furniture with rattan or wooden frames. Good quality and competitive price, direct from factory.

Woven furniture made in Indonesia. Furniture made of wood combined with rattan wicker, abaca, natural fibers of sea grass, Water Hyacinth, Banana Leaf and Rattan Peel. Handweave furniture from Java and Bali Indonesia. Bali furniture or Java furniture. All direct from Indonesia by furniture factory manufacturer exporter wholesaler supplier producer.

To order our furniture, please send us your inquiry by using our inquiry form or send email directly to our Gmail address. See photo for our email address.
Please remember to provide us a brief information regarding your business activity. Don’t forget also to include in your email, a detail about the order with product item number and quantity. We need to know also about shipping arrangement. The more detail you provide, the faster we process your order. Thank you!


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Rattan Homeware Rattan Kitchen Utensils from Bali Indonesia

Rattan homeware from Bali Indonesia. Various kitchen utensils made in Indonesia. Kitchen accessories made of mostly wood and rattan. Handmade products, made by craftsmen with years of experience weaving rattan. Unique and natural. Suitable for your home, restaurant, cafe, hotels and your office. Wide range of products including rattan coasters, placemats, serving trays, plates, bowls and many more.

Wide range of products, we keep adding new rattan crafts from Indonesia. If you need homeware or kitchen accessories made of rattan or wood, and not listed here, please contact us with pictures of the products. We will try to make it available here. Send us email or WhatsApp message.

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Handpainted Rattan Coasters from Bali

Handpainted rattan coasters from Bali Indonesia. This is rattan and wood coaster with handpainted motifs. We usually paint with Australian Aborigine motifs such as kangaroo, koala, boomerangs or crocodile using dots paintings. Size of the coasters is 10cm or 4inch. We sell these coasters for wholesale Rp 5,000 or based on current exchange rate US$ 1 = Rp 9,500, the US$ price is US$ 0.52. We’re able to sell our rattan coasters in other currency such as Euro or Australian Dollar.

We have many rattan coasters and place mates on our website. We have rattan and wood coasters, rattan and terracotta coasters and wood only also available. Other than wood, we have also resin fibre, coconut shells, mosaic glass, plastic beads and many more.

Rattan coasters and other homeware made of rattan or wood available on our web site. There’s even a page dedicated for homeware from Bali. Please visit this page and you will see various homeware including coasters, placemats, trays, bowls and other kitchen ware all handmade in Indonesia using selected exotic materials and then treated with skill by craftsmen in Bali Indonesia.