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Wood Boat Dining Table Chairs Furniture Set

Boat wood furniture made of reclaimed wood from old fishing boats and Javanese houses. Old and strong timber with unique character. Original and vintage looks with unique colors, holes and scratches. Each of these boat wood furniture is unique in colors. One of a kind.  We produce wide range of furniture using recycled wood. We are furniture manufacturer in Indonesia producing dining tables, chairs, bookshelves, cabinets, living room chairs with coffee tables, tv stands and many more. All made of reuse wood from old fishing boats and Javanese wooden houses from remote villages across Indonesia, including Java, Bali and Sulawesi Island.

Dining room furniture such as tables and chairs. Table for 2 seaters, 4 seaters even for 8 seaters. Dining table with 8 dining chairs also available.  As you can see, there are various models for the dining chairs. You could choose which kind of chairs to use with the dining table. Other than dining chairs and tables our factory also produce other kind of furniture or chairs as seen below.

We make boat wood furniture and also home decors. We do not waste wood. Small wood are made into boat wood home decors and handicrafts sucha as boat wood photo frames, baskets or boat wood letters alphabet. We can make you wooden letters in any sizes with any font styles. This is very popular. We can make house numbers, hotel room numbers or other wooden plaques made of boat wood.

We are Eco friendly company producing furniture from reclaimed wood taken from old unseaworthy fishing boats found in many villages across Indonesia. Not a single tree is cut in producing our boat wood furniture. No need to worry about cracking or bending of the timber. These timber are years old and have been exposed to extreme weather. Please take a look photos below and see for yourself.

Furniture from Indonesia especially from Bali and Java. Various type of furniture made in Indonesia mostly from the Island of Bali and Java. Mostly made of teak wood but other kind of wood also available such as suar or mahogany.

Shop our Bali Furniture and don’t forget to visit also our sister site for teak furniture


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  1. I i would like to get prices of wood dinning table

  2. Hi I’m interested in purchasing the following:
    1) a 2.2m dining table (8 seater) dimensions Length 2.2/2.3m, Width 90cm. Made of light wood grain table (1 piece of wood)
    2) 5 dining chairs
    3) 1 bench 2.3m long(as long as the dining table)
    4) a similar grainy coffee table , like a natural round part of trunk with a wooden base
    5) maybe a 3 seater sofa with firm Dimensions: L190cm x D96cm x H63cm
    Materials: Fabric
    Legs: Solid Wood instead
    Filling: Very firm (e.g.: High Resilient Foam + Latex + Down&Feathers)
    Frame: Solid Wood

    It’s for my new home.
    I’ll like to know the cost of these items as well as the shipping costs to Singapore.

    looking forward to hearing from you.
    I hope you can reply as soon as possible.

    Terima kasih

  3. I am very interested in purchasing some bar stools and a bar top table how do I purchase them from the direct website?


  4. Please tell the price and the delivery charges to Toronto on canada

  5. my name is Victor, I am from Argentina, I want to import furniture, could you send me listprice, I am interesting in outdoor furniture.

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