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Teak Wood Table Top Home Decors Bali Indonesia

Tabletop decorations Bali Indonesia made of teak wood and other materials including fossilized shell and reclaimed wood. Suitable to decorate your home and garden. We have many tabletop home decors not only decorations on this page. We have even more available. Please contact us for further information about our tabletop accessories. Don’t forget to visit our web site to view other tabletop and Decorative Accents made in Indonesia.

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Old Ads Signs On Wood Plaque from Bali Indonesia

Harley Davidson Vintage Wood Signs Bali Indonesia

Old Ads Signs On Wood Plaque. Made in Indonesia. Various ads including Harley Davidson, Ford, Mustang, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Marlboro etc. Also available various vintage posters for propaganda, movies, travel, food, drinks, military, design, sports, etc. Too many to include here. You can find thousands of vintage arts on the internet and we can print it on wood plaque for you. Contact us please if you interested in buying these old ads on wood plaque in wholesale quantity. Sorry we’re wholesaler and only sell in bulk quantity. We don’t sell retail.

More old advertisement posters on our web site

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Bali Crafts Wholesale

Bali Indonesia Homeware

Bali Homeware Indonesia
Bali Homeware Indonesia

Links to other web site selling handicrafts, accessories and fashion products from Bali and other islands such as Java and Lombok. If you interested ini trading link with us, please contact us.

  1. Fashion accessories from Bali Indonesia
  2. Batik Sarongs from Bali
  3. Sarongs from Bali
  4. Clothing from Bali
  5. Bali Handicrafts
  6. Bali Wood Crafts
  7. Reclaimed teak wood furniture from Bali
  8. Sandals from Bali
  9. Summer and Winter Knitwear from Bali
  10. Lombok Pottery
  11. Islamic Calligraphy on Goat Skin from Indonesia
  12. Bali Crafts Blog site
  13. Sea Shells from Bali
  14. Sourcing Service in Bali
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cv maya

Bali home furnishing and decor manufacturer and export company located in Denpasar Bali Indonesia. We’re supplier and producer of bali home decor and ornaments. Please browse our website to view thousands of handmade products from Bali. You will find wood carvings, accessories, furniture, ornaments for home and garden. All made of various materials such as wood, stone, sea shells, fibre, rattan or wicker.

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Mushroom Wood Carvings Bali

Wood Carvings Bali. The Balinese are surrounded by Art throughout their live as art is omnipresent in Bali. They make art out of the most basic necessities in their daily lives. How ever artistic knowledge is not commissioned only a special intellectual class but it is open to every one at all levels. Painting, sculpture , carving and music have traditionally been the province of men while woman lead their creative energy into creating wood carvings.

In every festival you can see spectacular pyramids of flowers, fruit and cakes up to two meter high .constructed with such love. And adoration that it could be meant for higher being.
Word carving is form of working wood by means of a cutting tool (knife) in one hand or a diselby two hand or with one hand a chisel and one hand on a  mallet ,resulting in a wooden figure or figurine or in the sculptural ornamentation of a wooden objects. The phrase may also refer the finished product from individual sculptures to hand worked moudings  composing part of tracery. The making of sculpture in wood has been extremely widely practiced but survives much less as well than other main materials such as stone and bronze,being venerable  to decay,insect damage and fire. If there fore forms an important hidden element. In the art history of many cultures. Outdoor wood sculpture does not last ;ong in most parts of the world. Balinese art is art of Hindu Javanese origin that grew from the work artist since of the Majapahit Kingdom. With their expansion to Bali in the late 13th centuries. The Village of Kamasan, Klungkung east Bali. Was the centre of classical Balinese art . During the first part of the twentieth century. Ubud and it is neighboring villages established reputation as the centre of Balinese art. Ubud and Batuan are known for their painting.Mas for their wood carvings,Celuk for gold and silversmiths and Batuan for their stone carving. Below you will find links to our wooden carvings made by balinese wood craftsmen.

The craft of wood carving has never existed in Bali solely for decoration purposes. In the olden days the fine arts of wood carving and painting were reserved almost exclusively for royal and religious purpose.
We offer fabulous range of products most wich stand for their art and brilliance. Bali wood carving handicraft specialize in only the highest quality genuine work from the very best of local artist. For whole sale buyers we offer significant volume discounts of many of our items that bring the price down to very low wholesale level. Wood carving handicraft from Bali using very good materials of quality some wood type among others, Ebony, suarwood, mahoni wood, albizia wood, crocodile wood, sandalwood etc.
There are many wood carving company sell similar products.but Bali furnish offers you something different. Service is very important thing to us. We provide the top quality of service because satisfaction of valuable costumers is our goal with very affordable price  you can get very high quality products form us.

More mushroom wood carvings from Bali Indonesia.

Contact us if you Interested in buying wood carvings from bali

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Best Sellers

Natural Photo Album from Bali Indonesia. Natural Photo Album. Our Natural photo Album made from a variety of existing foliage in Indonesia. In addition to participating in environmental campaigns that greening. Our production use such as banana leaves, jackfruit leaves and other leaves are available in nature. This photo album is made of natural materials such as waste paper, leaves, rope and carried out by skilled crafts.

Large selection of colors, shapes, sizes and prizes. You can even order with your own design and size. We try to keep abreast of design. And trying to keep up with the times. We have natural photo album with any kind of design drawings of animals, plants, landscapes and character by using natural photo albums you are participating in activities of recycling. Bali is one of the best producers in the worlds photo album.

Our design emphasises creativity and elegant design and high quality. Our Album naturally has its own characteristic . Bali furnish is wholesale with management we are able to handle big thing.
We offer you photo natural album in good quality and update design. Also supported with the best production process and professional human resources. The price is reasonable and competitive with the export quality product. We can offer you the products depend on your requirement.Make sure that you will get the best product, quality price and service from our company because the costumers satisfaction is our first oriented. All about unique crafts you can find here. States that we always update and publish new creative, fresh and craft from the crafters, it would be advantage for who love to collect such unique ones.

Please visit our site to see our craft, site which offer you some alternative product made by original Balinese hand. This website will offer you the latest and fresh craft and fresh craft product that made by crafter talented and creative Balinese handmade. The Balinese are surrounded by art throughout their lives as art is omnipresent. In Bali they Make art out of the most basic necessities in their daily lives. How ever artistic knowledge is not commissioned only a special intellectual class, nut is open to everyone at all levels. Video of our craftsman in Bali :

Painting, sculpture, carving and music have traditionally been the province of man while woman channeled their creative energy into creating lavish offerings to the gods. In every festival you can see spectacular pyramid of flowers ,fruits and cakes up two meters high constructed with such love and adoration that it could only be mean for a higher being. They do not view this use as sacrilegious. It is incredible to see so many people in such a small area pour so many energy into creating beautiful crafts and art as a lives style. Please visit our site to find many creative design of art created by talented people by handmade .you will find the best product, quality and lowest prices. The price is reasonable and competitive with the export quality product. We can offer you the products depend on your requirements of our bali natural photo albums.

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Alang Alang Roofing Alang Alang Thatching from Bali

Alang Alang Roofing and Alang Alang Thatching from Bali Indonesia. If you been to bali, surely you have seen many luxury villas with alang-alang roof or thatching made of alang-alang grass (Imperata cylindrica Sp). If you go to other island east of Bali such as Lombok or places like Sumbawa or Flores there’re many traditional houses with alang alang roof. There’re everywhere. Alang alang has many advantage to use as house roof or thatching especially in the tropical climate.

Pricing for our alang alang thatching around Rp 9,000 to Rp 10,000 or around Price US$ 1.10 Exw Bali. Size 280x100cm. Other size also available such
2.0 m x 2.0 m
3.0 m x 3.0 m
4.0 m x 3.0 m
4.0 m x 4.0 m
6.0 m x 3.0 m
5.0 m x 4.0 m

See below photos of some villa in Bali using alang alang as roofing or thatching. There’re many villa with alang alang thatching. Everywhere in Bali. The alang alang give feeling of natural and back to nature. The alang alang roof provide comfortable weather, no need for air conditioning in hot season. In the cold season, the alang alang also give warm weather. This is a magic property of alang alang thatching.

There’re many hotels and villas in Bali and Lombok which use alang alang as roof. Alang alang thatching now become a trend. More and more villas in Bali using alang alang as roofing. If you need alang alang, contact us. We’re alang alang supplier and exporter company. We’re able to provide you alang alang for thatching or roofing for your villa or hotel projects. Competitive price and quick response.


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Bamboo Sticks for Vase Decoration from Bali

Bamboo stick for vase decorations from Bali Indonesia. Colorful bamboo vine or wicker to use as decoration on flower vase. Available in various colors not only colors shown here. Available in various length. Price listed is below:
Bamboo sticks.
Price Rp 2500 US$ 0.28 2 meter
Rp 2000 US$ 0.22 1.5 meter
US$ price based on exchange rate Rp 9,000. Subject to change.

Bamboo Stick Vase Decorations
Bamboo Stick Vase Decorations



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Natural Bags from Bali Indonesia

Natural bags from Bali. Handmade bags made of natural and organic materials such as straw, raffia, wooden beads etc. Handbags for woman direct from bags supplier located in Bali. These woman bags made of pandanus or straw. Hand Woven by traditional bag makers at their houses during their free time. These also known as cottage industry. There’re a lot of women and schoolgirls involved in the making of our fashion bags. The schoolgirls of course work with their bags only on their free time.

Bali handbags wholesale. Browse our online catalog of handmade bags on our web sites for rattan handbags from Bali and for fashion bags from Bali . Please go to our online catalog of  handbags from Bali Indonesia.

Bags wholesale from Bali. If you have question or inquiry for our handbags, please contact us using inquiry form below. Don’t forget please to provide a brief information regarding your business or company.

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Teak Wood Bowls from Bali Indonesia

Teak wood bowls made of teak root wood from Indonesia. Unique and one of a kind. Various sizes and shapes. Very strong and natural. To use as wooden bowls for fruits for your kitchen. We sell these teak bowls in natural fine sanding or with finishing we even have teak wood bowls with white washed finishing.

Teak Wood Bowls
Teak Wood Bowls from Bali

Teak wood bowls from Bali. Size 30cm Rp 60,000 US$ 6.30 (1US$ = Rp 9500). Size 40cm Rp 75,000 US$ 7.90. Size is diameter, approximate. Price subject to change.

Simply Beautiful ! please visit our web sites to view more teak wood bowls.